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School districts are under constant pressure to find a happy-medium between being competitive and staying under budget, while making sure to deliver quality education and care for students. Contracting saves school districts an average of 10-30 percent. The money saved by contracting transportation allows school districts to invest in better supplies, resources, and other essentials to enhance the learning environment for students.

You’re an Expert
in Education

We’re the Experts in Transportation

Improved Efficiencies

More efficient routes from professionals who have decades of student transportation experience

Newer equipment

Safety training for drivers

Our Numbers

Estimated 13,000 students transported per year currently

4.8 million miles covered per year

7 school districts served

Cost Savings

Cut down on costs of keeping up with bus maintenance

No storage facility costs

No employee salary or benefits costs for mechanics or drivers

Going Above and Beyond


Safety & Training

Our school bus contracting services driver training policies are designed to mirror the ultimate goal: safe, effective drivers who are prepared for all relevant circumstances. Drivers submit to annual evaluations, safety monitoring, and specialized training to supplement their working knowledge of the equipment and geographical area.

Maintenance Facilities

DS Bus Lines has state-of-the-art Thomas Built Bus certified mechanics who are trained to recognize and fix any potential problems. Owning and keeping up with maintenance facilities can be both time and money consuming, which is why our school bus and contracting services handle the hard part for you.

Certified Employees

All employees are CDL and DOT certified. Our employees go through detailed, thorough training, background checks, and drug and alcohol testing. On top of that, we use state-of-the-art equipment that includes the most updated safety features currently available for employee shuttle & school bus contracting services.

Quality Equipment

We take pride in utilizing top-of-the-line equipment for our buses. We understand the importance of using equipment that has a proven track record of being safe and reliable. You can rest assured that your safety is our top priority.

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We’d be honored to have the opportunity to bid on your next school bus or employee shuttle contract. Please reach out to us today to learn how our experience, efficiency, and values can help benefit your school or business.


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Family Owned and Operated

DS Bus Lines is a family-oriented company that focuses on our core values of family, respect, service, and safety. We understand how important of a responsibility transporting children is and we take that role very seriously. We strive to create mutual respect and trust with school districts so that we can work together to provide the best possible service for students and parents.


“DS Bus Lines came into the Beloit School District and turned a very negative transportation setup into an extremely positive system. The customer service that we now receive with our transportation is top notch.”

-Jeff Travis, Superintendent USD 273, Beloit


“They invest into your community and your school district. They are truly a partner and not just a contractor.”

-Jeff Travis, Superintendent USD 273, Beloit


“DS Bus Lines has been our student transportation provider since April 2020 when they took over our transportation services during the COVID-19 pandemic. While not scheduled to take over these services until July 1, 2020, DS Bus Lines was more than accommodating with our request to accelerate our transition to their services.”

-John Hutchison, CPA, SFO, Deputy Superintendent for Business and Operations Olathe Public Schools


“DS Bus Lines are strong communicators, keeping us abreast of any challenges as well as providing easy access to their staff and leadership. We have received numerous compliments from parents and school staff on their responsiveness and customer service. Their performance has been second to none.”

-John Hutchison, CPA, SFO, Deputy Superintendent for Business and Operations Olathe Public Schools


“Communication is strong between the district team and DS leadership. When needed, they have been consistently available and responsive at all hours of the day. In the event of a school, parent or patron concern, they have worked in a very customer-service oriented and conscientious manner to resolve any possible issues. They listen, they respond, and take necessary steps to act in a proactive manner to prevent future concerns.”

-Christy Ziegler, PhD, Assistant Superintendent/Chief of Support Services Shawnee Mission School District


“The Shawnee Mission School District has contracted with DS Bus Lines, Inc. since June, 2017. During the term of the agreement, the district has benefitted from improved and consistent transportation services including routing for general education and Special Education students, communications, hiring, training/safety, management experience, and overall dependability.”

-Christy Ziegler, PhD, Assistant Superintendent/Chief of Support Services Shawnee Mission School District


“DS Bus Lines is extremely dedicated to promoting a “family” atmosphere for not only their own employees, but also for their clients. They truly believe in taking care of people first; it is deeply rooted in their culture, mission, vision, and goals.”

-Jessica R. Dain, Ed. D, Superintendent of Schools Piper USD 203


“DS Bus Lines began its tenure in the Piper School District in June 2020 and we have been beyond satisfied with our transition. In just a few month’s short time, we have noticed exemplary improvements in service as compared to our previous vendor. As such, DS Bus Lines is a company in which we can proudly offer our whole­hearted stamp of approval.”

-Jessica R. Dain, Ed. D, Superintendent of Schools Piper USD 203


“DS Bus Lines has been the transportation contractor for USD 273 – Beloit for the last three years. We have seen a drastic change for the positive in our transportation services since DS Bus Lines took over our transportation. With DS Bus Lines the service is about the students; getting them to and from the needed points of travel in a safe and efficient manner is their priority.”

-Jeff Travis, Superintendent, Beloit


“Last night one of our teachers had several issues with students being at the wrong place at the wrong time. She reported that the bus driver helped her get kids to the correct buses and even took a student home that was not on his route since all the other buses had been dismissed. I cannot tell you how much we appreciated his “top notch” customer service.”

-Hocker Grove Middle School