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Employee shuttle services can help your business improve employee morale, free up crowded parking lots, and cut down on employee security issues. Employee retention issues, specifically, can be improved by expanding recruiting areas and giving employees a helping hand with their commute. We are here to help make a simple fix go a long way for your company and its valued employees.

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How it Helps Employees

Employees’ general well-being improves when they have more time to prepare for the day ahead or unwind after the day without the added stress of driving in traffic

Employees’ morale improves when they spend less time and money commuting to and from work

Employees are being more environmentally friendly by taking shuttles as opposed to personal transportation

How it Helps Employers

Employees are more punctual and reliable when using a shuttle, which helps retention rates 

Employees are more productive at work when they have more personal time before and after work to check mails, catch up on the news, etc.

Employee shuttles are much more environmentally friendly than personal transportation, in turn helping with your carbon footprint as well as government compliance

What the Numbers Say

Companies with similar employee commute situations experience turnover rate of up to 40%

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Family Owned and Operated

DS Bus Lines is a family-oriented company that focuses on our core values of family, respect, service, and safety. We understand how important of a responsibility transporting children is and we take that role very seriously. We strive to create mutual respect and trust with school districts so that we can work together to provide the best possible service for students and parents.


“DS Bus Lines has been the transportation contractor for USD 273 – Beloit for the last three years. We have seen a drastic change for the positive in our transportation services since DS Bus Lines took over our transportation. With DS Bus Lines the service is about the students; getting them to and from the needed points of travel in a safe and efficient manner is their priority.”

-Jeff Travis, Superintendent, Beloit


“Last night one of our teachers had several issues with students being at the wrong place at the wrong time. She reported that the bus driver helped her get kids to the correct buses and even took a student home that was not on his route since all the other buses had been dismissed. I cannot tell you how much we appreciated his “top notch” customer service.”

-Hocker Grove Middle School