DS Bus Lines is a family-owned and operated employee shuttle and school bus contracting services company based in the Kansas City area. Previously, under the name School Services and Leasing, Inc., we were one of the largest, privately-owned student transportation services in the US. Our employees, experience, and expertise remain at the industry’s forefront. Below is a brief overview of our services.

School Bus Contracting Services We Transport What Moves the World Forward: Our Children. We understand the importance of this responsibility and we take the necessary steps in ensuring that students and parents alike feel that they are in good hands when working with us.

Three school bus contracting facts:

  • Estimated 13,000 students transported per year currently
  • 8 million miles covered per year
  • 7 school districts served

Employee Shuttle Services In many work situations, one of the biggest challenges for employers and employees is the commute to work. DS Bus Lines has created a solution to this prevalent issue with our Employee Shuttle services. We are dedicated to helping employees get to their workplace in a safe, timely, cost-efficient manner. Three employee shuttle facts:

  • Improves turnover rate
  • Insures 100% employee punctuality
  • Allows for well-rested employees and better productivity

Why Choose DS Bus? Experience – DS Bus Lines is a growing company with over 150 years of combined industry experience.

  • In addition to extensive training, background checks and drug and alcohol testing, all drivers are vetted for their ability to compassionately work with students, parents, teachers, and customers in order to provide excellent services.

Up-to-date Fleet – The majority of our buses are Thomas Built buses with stat-of-the-art equipment.

  • We utilize the most current safety features and maintain up-to-date fleets that are no older than 5 years old. In order to maintain the buses’ high quality, we have trained mechanics available to spot any potential mechanical difficulties.

Low Driver Turnover Rate – We have extensive front-end screening when hiring drivers.

  • We understand the importance of doing things correctly the first time to ensure we don’t have a high turnover rate, in an industry that historically does. We focus on building relationships with our drivers, which helps us retain great drivers.

CDL and DOT Certified Employees – All employees are CDL and DOT certified.

  • Our employees go through detailed, thorough training, background checks, and drug and alcohol testing. On top of that, we use state-of-the-art equipment that includes the most updated safety features currently available for employee shuttle & school bus contracting services.

Discover What We Can Do for You We’d be honored to have the opportunity to bid on your next school bus or employee shuttle contract. Please reach out to us today to learn how our experience, efficiency, and values can help benefit your school or business.   Call us today at 913-667-5226.