On December 11th, 2018, the Belton Chamber of Commerce held their Annual Holiday Awards Luncheon at Carnegie Village in Belton, MO. DS Bus Lines, a Division of The Kincaid Group, is proud to announce that two of its employees were presented with the Star Award at the luncheon. The Star Award is presented to a member who exemplifies outstanding community service and citizenship. The act of kindness performed by this year’s recipients certainly embodies the meaning of the award and is deserving of recognition – here’s the story. On November 13th, 2018, Glenn Hutchison, a SPED Driver, and Shelbie Holem, a Bus Attendant, were on their afternoon high school/middle school route with two students left to deliver when Glenn noticed a small child wandering near the road he was approaching.  The child was wearing only a diaper and had a small toy car in his hand. At the time of the occurrence, the temperature outside was well below freezing and no adults were in sight. Glenn stopped the bus and Shelbie stepped off to get the child and bring him on board until help arrived. Glenn wrapped his coat around the child and proceeded to call dispatch for assistance while Shelbie held the boy, helping him get warm. 911 was called and police arrived at the site along with EMT services. The EMTs stated that Glenn and Shelbie saved the child’s life, as he was exhibiting signs of hypothermia from being exposed to the freezing cold temperatures for an extended period of time. Scott Bruegge, Director of Operations at DS Bus Lines, was incredibly proud and appreciative of his employees for their heroic act, stating, “School bus drivers and bus attendants don’t typically get a lot of positive attention from the outside world, as they, like other lines of profession, are under-appreciated for the work they perform and the thankless job that comes with it.  However, DS Bus and our community partners are so very proud of our staff and it is a great honor and privilege that we were able to thank them for doing the extraordinary on an ordinary day.” Bruegge went on to say,  “We’ve always said that we carry the most precious cargo in the transportation industry, and on that day in November, Glenn and Shelbie were able to potentially save that boy’s life so that he too could someday ride on one of our school buses. On behalf of the leadership team here at DS Bus Lines and the Kincaid family, great job Glenn and Shelbie!”