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Shawnee Mission School District

  • 2018 - 19 School Bus Pay Rider Agreement for Shawnee Mission School District #512 (K-12)

  • This agreement made and entered into by and between DS Bus Lines, party of the first part and:
  • the parent or legal guardian, the party of the second part. WITNESSED. party of the first part agrees to furnish bus service for:
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  • The above parent or legal guardian agrees to all following fees, terms, and conditions:

    To use DS Bus Lines for the duration of the 2018 - 2019 school term, ending approximately the last week in May 2019.

  • Bus service for grades Kindergarten through 12th is available at schools where 40 or more students are contracted to ride the bus or where pay ridership has been mandated. Service will not be started until a signed contract with payment is submitted to DS Bus Lines. Your secondary student will not be allowed to ride the bus without his/her ID card. Bus routes and stops are established during the summer and available to students at their school of attendance by the end of July. Bus rules are located on the district website under Parents-Transportation. Kindergarteners and 1st graders will need an adult to be at the bus stop to receive the student. Bus stops can be up to 1/4 mile away for Elementary Students and 1/2 mile for Secondary students. We reserve the right to hold the parents or guardian of any rider responsible for any vandalism their child may do on the bus.

    This contract shall be binding on both parties for its duration, the only exceptions being if a student moves outside of the attendance area or ceases to attend the school. In either event, the bus company must be notified in writing by the parent (guardian) in order for the parent (guardian) to be reimbursed, which will be based on a quarterly pro-rated basis. Parent (guardian) must contact DS Bus Lines at 913-384-1190 for all pro-rated rates. Students may start mid-semester as long as contracted bus services already exist at that school. Those fees will be based on quarterly pro-rated bases.

    Students will be assigned corner bus stops. Students are to be at their bus stops 5 minutes prior to scheduled departure time.

    Bus transportation stickers will no longer be used. All students are required to submit their school ID to the bus driver upon request for student identification.
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