Covid-19 Information and Updates


Information and Updates:

DS Bus Lines Covid-19 Customer Letter

Covid-19 DS Bus Lines Cleaning and Disinfecting Policies

Please note each School District may have different requirements, click here to view and download the DS Bus Lines Cleaning and Disinfecting Plan

Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting Buses

  • Frequently touched surfaces, including hand railings, student bus seats, and surfaces in the driver cockpit commonly touched by the operator will be sanitized daily. High touch areas including the door entrance railings should be cleaned between bus routes.
  • Student use of hand sanitizer is recommended before boarding.
  • Touchpoints and frequently touched surfaces including hand rails, student bus seats, and surfaces in the driver area will be wiped down following morning and afternoon routes.
  • Sanitizing & disinfecting will occur at the end of each day using EPA approved disinfectant. On larger buses, spray systems will be used to ensure maximum coverage of bus surfaces.

Required Masks

  • Masks will be required of all drivers, aides and bus riders for the entire time they are on the bus.
  • Failure to wear a mask will result in suspension of privileges to ride the bus for the remainder of the semester.

Assigned Seats and Daily Roster Checks

  • Assigned seating for students on all routes.
  • Seat assignments will be made prior to the first day of class based on enrolled riders.
    Drivers will instruct students on where they are to sit and will attempt to distance students when possible. Students residing in the same household will be seated together.
  • Seats will be assigned such that the bus will fill from the back to the front to avoid students interacting via the aisle as much as possible.
  • Students will unload from the front of the bus first to avoid student interactions via the aisle as much as possible.
  • When possible, open windows while transporting students to improve air circulation.
  • Roster checks will be completed the first week of school. Any student not enrolled for transportation and attempting to ride the bus will require a parent to retrieve them from the school as it will be imperative to maintain accurate rosters at all times.”